If you've ever been baffled by your dog's inability to finish a whole treat in one sitting, you're not alone. It seems like every time you turn around, they're hoarding another bone or stuffing their favorite toy with kibble. But why do dogs hide their treats?

There are a few reasons why your furry friend might be inclined to save their snacks for later. For starters, hiding food is a natural instinct for dogs. In the wild, canines will often cache excess prey to save for leaner times. While your pup probably isn't worried about starving to death, the urge to hoard is still programmed into their genes.

In addition, many dogs develop strong relationships with their toys and treats – almost as if they were another member of the pack. As such, it's only natural for them to want to keep their belongings close by and protect them from would-be thieves (i.e., other pets in the house).

Finally, some pups simply enjoy the challenge of finding clever hiding spots for their goodies. It's a fun game for them, and they get a big payoff (a tasty treat) when they finally succeed.

Have you ever wondered why your dog always tries to hide their treats? Turns out, they're just trying to save them for a rainy day. Or, more likely, they've learned that if theyre cunning enough, they can get you to do all the work of opening the treat jar, and then theyll reap the rewards. Either way, its time to put a stop to their shenanigans with a dog treat jar that pet-proofs their stash. Click the link to see our top picks on Amazon. But hurry, these jars are going fast!