Wondering what the best medium dog crate is for your furry friend?

We’ve got you covered! We’ve compiled a list of the best medium dog crates on the market, so you can find the perfect one for your pup.

Not only are our crates top-of-the-line, but they also come in a variety of styles and colors to fit your home’s décor. And our material is easy to clean – so no more worrying about accidents or messes.

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How We Choose The Best Dog Crate For You

Crate training your puppy can be a challenge, but it's worth it for the peace of mind you get knowing that they're safe and sound while you're away.

Crate training can be tough, but it's one of the most important things you can do for your puppy. A crate gives them a sense of safety and security, and helps to prevent destructive behavior when you're not home.

Our list of the best dog crates will make the process easier for you. We've read through thousands of user reviews and ratings to find the best options for every type of pup.

Best Priced Dog Crate 

MidWest Homes for Pets iCrate, Single Door & Double Door Dog Crates

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Why We Love It

Looking for a safe, secure and comfortable home for your furry friend? Look no further than the MidWest Homes for Pets ICrate! This crate is perfect for potty training and has excellent security features to keep your puppies safe and sound. Plus, the comfortable design means your pup will love spending time in their new home. So why wait? Get the MidWest Homes for Pets ICrate today!

What You Should Know

If you're looking for a reasonably priced, durable crate that's easy to set up and take down, this is the one for you. This attractive crate is made of sturdy, powder-coated steel that's built to last. The panels are easily removed and snapped back into place, so you can set up or take down the crate in seconds.

In additional when it's not in use, it folds flat for convenient storage. Best of all, this comes great option for crate training. Not to mention it's easy to clean and helps keep your pet comfortable and dry. Whether you're taking your dog on a camping trip or just want a safe place for him to stay while you're at work, this is an excellent choice.

Double Door Option Dog Crate

MidWest Homes for Pets Newly Enhanced Single & Double Door New World Dog Crate

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Why We Love It

Looking for a safe and comfortable place for your furry friend to stay while you're away? Check out Midwest Homes for Pets! Our plastic dog crates come in a variety of sizes and styles to fit any dog, and our double door option is perfect for larger breeds. Plus, they are made from high-quality materials and feature a sturdy design to keep your pet safe and secure. So give your pooch the security and comfort they deserve with a Midwest Homes for crate!

What You Should Know

If you're looking for a crate that's perfect for crate training, look no further than the Paws & Pals Dog Crates. This is easy to assemble, very strong and durable, and comes with a leak-proof  pan.

The pan makes it easy to clean up any accidents, and the sturdy construction ensures that your pooch will be safe and comfortable. Best of all, the Paws & Pals Dog Crates comes with a money-back satisfaction guarantee, so you can rest assured that you're making a wise investment in your dog's health and happiness.

Best Dog Crate for Storage 

Amazon Basics Foldable Metal Wire Dog Crate with Tray, Single or Double Door Styles

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Why We Love It

Looking for a safe and secure way to keep your furry friend contained? Look no further than the Amazonbasics Foldable Metal  Crate!

This comes in a variety of sizes to accommodate any dog, and features sturdy metal dog proof construction for maximum security. The doors are secured with a latch to keep your hound safely inside, and the whole crate fold flat for easy storage. Plus, the bottom is lined with a removable tray for easy cleaning.

Give your dog a safe and comfortable space of their own with the Amazon Basics Foldable Metal Crates.

What You Should Know

Once you've decided that your child is ready to start potty training, it's important to choose the right products to help them succeed. This portable potty seat is a great option for parents who are Potty Training on the go. It's easy to fold and store in your purse or diaper bag, and it's also very affordable.

The seat is easy to assemble and clean, and it has a built in splash guard to help prevent accidents. Most importantly, it's comfortable for your child to use, which will make the potty training process much easier. Thanks for choosing this product!

Most Comfortable Dog Crate

MidWest Homes for Pets Single & Double Door Life Stages Dog Crate

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Why We Love It

Looking for a top-quality plastic crates that will provide your hound with a comfortable place to call their own? Look no further than the MidWest Homes For Pets Single & Double Door Life Stages crate!

This sturdy and reliable crate is perfect for both single and double gate options, making it a great choice for any home. It's easy to assemble too, so you'll be up and running in no time. Plus, it's durably constructed from durable materials that will stand up to busy paws and teeth. Give your furry friend a space of their own with the MidWest Homes For Pets Single & Double Door Life Stages Dog Crates!

What You Should Know

This crate has a divider panel that will help to make sure your animal stays where it belongs. You will also have the piece of mind knowing that it is durable and strong. The plastic pan is also leak proof which is great if you have an accident.

I know that I have had to deal with these things before and it can be a pain. But, with this crate you will not have to worry about any of that. It is also easy to assemble and disassemble so that you can take it with you wherever you go. So, if you are looking for a good way to keep your animal safe then this is the crate for you. Thanks for choosing us!

Easiest Dog Crate for travel 

Petmate Vari Dog Kennel

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Why We Love It

Looking for a safe and reliable crate for your dog when you travel? Look no further than the Petmate Vari Dog Kennel! This sturdy crate is perfect for keeping your furry friend safe and secure while you're on the road.

Made from durable plastic, the Petmate Vari Dog Kennel is built to last. It features a sturdy plastic door that locks securely, keeping your dog safely inside. And for added peace of mind, there are ventilation holes on all sides of the crate to ensure your pooch gets plenty of fresh air.

So whether you're going on a long car trip or flying cross-country, the Petmate Vari Dog Kennel will give you the peace of mind knowing your pooch is safe and sound.

What You Should Know

This kennel is very easy to assemble, and it's great for travel use. It's sturdy and durable, so your hound will be safe and secure while you're away from home. The kennel is made of high-quality materials, and it's easy to clean and maintain. It's also comfortable for your hound, with plenty of space for them to move around.

Overall, this kennel is a great choice for any owner who travels frequently with their pooch. It's easy to use, durable, and comfortable for your pup, making it a great option for both you and your pet.

Medium Dog Crate FAQs

You're looking for a medium-sized crates, but you don't know where to start.

It can be tough to figure out what the best option is for your pup, especially if you don't have a lot of experience with crates.

We're here to help! In this article, we'll answer all of the most frequently asked questions about the best plastic crates. Plus, we've read through thousands of users' reviews and ratings to come up with a list of the best possible options for picking the best medium crates for your pooch!

What size is a medium dog crate?

Medium dog crates is typically 24 inches long, 18 inches wide, and 21 inches high.

Which crate is best for medium dogs?

There are a lot of different crates on the market, and it really depends on your dog's size and personality. Some dogs do well in collapsible crates, while others prefer soft-sided crates. It also depends on how much time your dog spends in the crate. If he's only crated for short periods of time, a smaller dog might be fine in a plastic crate, but if he's crated for long periods of time, a larger crate would be better.

Some good options for medium dogs or even large dogs include the MidWest iCrate Double Folding Metal Dog Crate and the AmazonBasics Soft-Sided Crate.

What is the right crate size for my dog?

The right crate size for your dog will depend on the size of your puppy.

For a small dog, you can use a crate that is 24 inches long and 18 inches wide. For a medium-sized dog, you can use a crate that is 30 inches long and 24 inches wide. And for a large dog, you can use a crate that is 36 inches long and 30 inches wide.

Of course, these are just general guidelines, so be sure to measure your dog's length and width to get an accurate measurement of the appropriate crate size.

What size crate do I need for a 25 pound dog?

There is no definitive answer to this question since crate measurements can vary depending on the make and model of the crate. However, as a general guideline, you should ideally look for a crate that is big enough for your pup secure to stand up and move around in comfortably. For a 25 pound puppy, this would likely be for medium dogs crate. Hope this helps!

Do dogs like bigger or smaller crates?

There isn't a definitive answer to this question since dogs' preferences will vary depending on their personality. However, in general, most fit dogs seem to prefer larger crates since they offer more space to move around and stretch out. This is especially true for restless dogs who like to roam around a lot.

What dogs fit in a 36 inch crate?

Well, that all depends on the other sizes of your dog! A 36 inch crate would fit a small dog breed like a Maltese or Toy Poodle. For medium-sized dogs, breeds such as the American Eskimo Dog and Beagle would fit well in a 36-inch crate. And for large-sized breeds, something like an Anatolian Shepherd, english springer spaniel or Bloodhound would do nicely in a 36 inch crate. Of course, there are always exceptions to every rule - so be sure to measure your dogs (or potential dogs) before making any decisions about crate!

How do I know if my crate is too small?

If your dog is uncomfortable in their crate, it may be too small. Looks for signs like unwillingness to enter the plastic dog crates, trying to escape, or moving around a lot inside the crate. If your puppy seems cramped or unable to move comfortably, you'll want to consider upsizing. Another way to tell if the crate is too small is if your dog is relieving themselves inside of it - this means they don't have enough space to hold it until they can get outside. If you think your dog's crate may be too small, consult with a veterinarian or canine behaviorist for guidance on how to proceed.

Can a crate be too big for a dog?

Yes. A crate can be too big for small dogs if they have enough space to eliminate in one corner and sleep in another. This can create potty-training and housetraining challenges, as the dog will feel like it can go to the bathroom anywhere in the crate. It's important to select a crate that is just large enough for the dog to stand up and turn around in comfortably.

Medium Dog Crate For You

So, whether you’re looking for a medium dog crates or a large ones, we’ve got the best options for you. Be sure to check out our list of the top five medium dog crates on Amazon and see which one is perfect for your furry friend. And don’t forget to Tap The Button to get the best price on your new crate today!

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